STEAM Through Education

Implementing the arts through STEM education.
A new concept that has been around for centuries.


If you're interested in the arts, STEM, or education, then you're in the right place!




My name is Nicholas Okafor, I attend TAG Magnet High School, and I need your help. I am a promoter of STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, and Mathematics, or the implementation of the arts through STEM education. I will hold a festival February 25th to showcase the power of STEAM.


STEAM Through Education is a Local Ideas Festival (LIF) right here in Dallas, TX. This initiative, sponsored by the Bezos Scholars Program, aims to provide evidence for the arts' relevance in the education system.


Join us for this year's festival!

February 25, 2012

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

This year's festival includes Nicholas Okafor's thesis presentation, discussion with local scholar Dr. Roger Malina from the UTD ATEC program, and break-out sessions for the student, parent, and educator tracks. Not to mention a donation lunch held by the TAG Senior class!

We hope you're on board!


 By targeting the education system, we aspire to affect our Dallas community positively and perpetually, establishing the creativity and innovation inspired by the arts as an integral component of learning for future generations.




As funding for education diminishes, the government seeks for programs to cut in order to reserve the money. Consistently, the budget for arts education has acted as a buffer to fund other programs until only a trickle remains. Our Local Ideas Festival seeks to provide evidence for a link between the arts and S, T, E, and M.
This is part of a nationwide movement, as 11 other Local Ideas Festival are happening across the U.S., along with various continuing festivals, targeting issues that afflict their community. Join the cause and be a trendsetter as we create positive light in our education system.


This was all able to happen due to the Bezos Scholars Program @ the Aspen Institute. In 2011, Nicholas Okafor, Student Scholar, and Ms. Erika Ellis, Educator Scholar, were accepted into the Bezos Scholars Program and invited to attend the Aspen Ideas Festival during the summer. These experiences, along with the Bezos Family Foundation's support, encouraged us to come back to our community and share what we learned.